15 Chic Outfits Featuring Ankle Boots

With so many types of shoes to choose from, it’s not easy to pick the perfect pair for a particular outfit. What would make your choice easier would be to know which type of shoes looks well with which types of outfits. Take ankle boots for example. It’s not the best example in this case because they’re extremely versatile but this also gives us an opportunity to explore a variety of possibilities.

Ankle books looks great with both dresses and pants so you can practically wear them every day. Of course, it’s not all that simple. The boots are usually tight on the ankle so they look great if you wear them with skinny jeans and tight pants in general. They allow you to showcase your figure without hiding anything. You can opt for jeans which are slightly shorter than normal and thus expose your ankle a little bit.

Ankle boots are also pair great with dresses and skirts. I particularly like the ones which are slightly above the ankle because they give you a more sporty look. Of course, you can also put together an elegant outfit and accessorize it with your favorite pair of ankle boots. Although you could opt for a colorful pair of shoes, it’s not the best idea in this case so stick with the neutrals and subtle shades.

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