18 Eye Makeup Choices For An Artistic Halloween

By now we’ve practically explored everything there is to explore about Halloween, including outfit options, hairstyles and even some makeup tricks. However, you can never have too many options, especially when we’re talking about eye makeup. This Halloween would be a great time to forget about the usual smokey eyes because that’s just boring. Instead, try redirecting your attention towards something different, perhaps something a little more artistic and a little more original.

If you’ve chosen to wear an outfit related to a character from a movie or a book which is already defined by a specific type of makeup then, by all means, carry on and finish the job. But if you’ve chosen something a little more personal, then you’re free to experiment. We suggest opting for something chic with a touch of creepy. If you’re the type that can’t wait for the opportunity to paint their face then this is your chance.

Halloween is a great opportunity for you to use flashy makeup. Faux eyelashes are basically a must. And since it’s Halloween, you can choose a type that’s more eye-catching, maybe something with color, with sparkly inserts or other similar things. As for the colors, black can’t miss from your eye makeup.

Still, it shouldn’t be the only color unless you absolutely insist on it. We have a variety of great suggestions and they include makeup options that are closer to art than to regular makeup. Let your eyes speak for you with a killer makeup and it will be impossible for anyone to ignore you.

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