18 Square Meter Cottage Near Moscow Serves As A Winter Refuge

Located near Moscow, Russia, this charming cottage has a total surface of only 18 square meters. It was designed by Russian archtiect Andrey Bugaev from ArtEcolor. The small cottage sits on a hill and it benefits from beautiful views of the surroundings and the landscape, especially in the winter.

Dubbed “The Ship”, the charming cottage was built for a family of four who enjoys staying here during the weekends in winter. It’s a tranquil and serene refuge and, although it’s very small, it has everything necessary for being comfortable and functional. When its owners arrive, the fireplace rises the temperature to a comfortable 20 degrees in half an hour. The Ship contains a bathroom with a shower cabin, a small kitchen, a children’s playground and plenty of storage space.

Featuring a simple and traditional design, the retreat has a small deck/ terrace space, small windows and a light-colored exterior which lets it blend in when the snow is covering everything around it. The interior is cozy. It has exposed brick walls for rustic charm, wooden floors and space-saving furniture.It’s simple but comfortable and inviting, just how a winter retreat should be.

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