A Modern Combo Of Gray And Blue In A Youthful Studio Apartment

In the Saitama prefecture in Japan there’s a very lovely apartment with industrial touches which has been recently renovated. The renovation was a project by Tokyo-based studio Keiji Ashizawa Design and it was completed in 2013.

The clients asked for a home office to be included in the apartment’s new design and layout so they could work from home. Another requirement was a spacious living area where they could relax and also entertain friends and guests. In order to do that, the team had to make a few changes. All internal partitions had to be removed. This revealed a large and open space which was later reorganized.

The new layout features a living space at the center of the apartment. It has an adjoining studio. The bedroom and the bathroom are hidden and the apartment is now a much more open and energized space.

The architects used built-in furniture throughout whenever possible in order to maintain the openness of the space. As for the style chosen, the place is a beautiful combination of modern and industrial elements. They wooden floors bring warmth into the rooms and complement the cold blue and gray accents.