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Throw Pillows For Your Home: Stylish & To Die For

You’d be surprised how a simple throw pillow can help enhance a piece of furniture, cozy nook or the overall style of the space. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite and most fashion-forward plush pieces of decor to inspire you. So, sit back, relax and sift through these stylish and to die for throw pillows.


These numbered pillows certainly spark a lightness in the foyer’s path. These numbers has a French feel and a whimsy appeal, don’t you think?

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A Place to Spend a Lovely Afternoon

I think I’m, like, 1/16th Swedish. Rounding up. But that’s enough for me to claim the genetic right to gravitate toward white-walled simplicity in design – it’s in my blood! (At least, in 1/16th of my blood…) Hereditary tendencies aside, this living room photo speaks to many aspects of my ever-evolving design aesthetic. It looks comfortably lived-in, yet stylishly interesting and visually engaging.

While the entire space gives off an immediate “clean” vibe (I attribute that to the white walls), it’s far from sterile. In fact, if given the chance, I’d love to spend a few hours this afternoon lounging against those pillows. I bet I could even prop my feet on the table, too. Of course, I’d ask permission first…Here’s why I’m drawn to this space:

1. White walls with pops of vibrant color.

White walls used to signify the absence of color, a default painting decision because a homeowner couldn’t commit to any one color. In a space like this, white is the ultimate perfect choice, providing a crisp foundation upon which every other detail in the space can artfully build. Who could resist a white couch adorned with colorful throw pillows in such a mix of patterns? (Love the combination of floral, geometric, and ikat, by the way.) Not me.

2. Vintage rug.

Every space needs a bit of the used, the imperfect, the aged, to keep it from feeling too new and soul-less. This rug fits the bill. Pleasantly broken in but still retaining hints of vibrant color, it’s a lovely backdrop for the furnishings. Plus, the blue of the rug nicely emphasizes the blue in the artwork, which brings a nice cohesion to the overall space.

3. Bone inlay (looking) tray on worn wood-topped coffee table.

It’s the detailed touches that finish off a space, and this tray is absolutely beautiful. I love the contrast between its high-end elegance and the worn wood inlaid on the coffee table top. Chic, personable, and loaded with great taste.

And that, my friends, is why I would spend an afternoon in this space. What about you?

How to Create a Cheerful Living Room on a Budget

Have a bare living room that needs some major décor attention? Or a blah living room that needs some spicing up? If so, here are some tips on how to go about creating that cheerful, welcoming space…and ways to save money doing it.

1. If you haven’t already, decide on what your style is. Are you a rustic-lover at heart? Or do you feel more comfortable in spaces that embrace modern minimalism? Does the cheerful simplicity of Scandinavian style speak to you?

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How to Use Proportion in Home Décor

Equally as important as choosing stylish pieces for your room is knowing what sizes they should be. Here are some guidelines to working with proportion to make the most of your space and create a stunning effect.

Match Sizes of Items.

When some pieces of furniture are the same size, it creates balance in the room which also has a calming effect on people who are in it. Not all of your items should be the exact size, of course, but a few main pieces do the job nicely.

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The Inside Light Project Transforms A Loft Into Custom-Designed Home

The Inisde Loft project was developed by MODU and refers to the renovation of a three-bedroom loft.Located in New York in the TriBeCa neighborhood, the apartment has a floor plan with windows only at the front and the rear of the space so the big problem was bringing light into the center.

The most interesting element is the wooden geometric pieces in the living area
The dark middle section houses the kitchen so bringing light into this space was crucial. In order to do that, the architects used a rather unusual techniques.

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Two combined units form a stunning penthouse in Rosslyn, Virginia

Situated in Rosslyn, Virginia, this penthouse condo once used to be two separate units. The units were then combined to form this beautiful home. The project was completed in Design Milieu. By combining the adjacent apartments, the team managed to create a two-bedroom, three bathroom home. They gave the space a modern interior.

The penthouse is defined by beautiful floors, large windows, elegant ceilings and numerous other stylish features. Exposed brick surfaces create focal points in the rooms and the huge arched windows give them a sophisticated look. Although the interior is mainly modern, there are also influences from other styles. Classical, rustic and traditional elements can be seen throughout.

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Tiny But Trendy Open Space Apartment Featuring Exposed Brick Kitchen Walls

Size is not all that matters in an apartment. Sometimes a well-planned interior design can completely change the way you look at a space. This apartment, for example, is very sleek and trendy and it feels spacious and open. Still, it’s a tiny space. The key here is the well-planned décor. Let’s take a look at all the rooms.

The living room and the kitchen share same floor plan. The two areas are smoothly delimited and the transition is very smooth. The kitchen has an exposed brick wall which gives it character and which also looks quite nice in combination with the color palette and the textures used throughout the apartment.

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Makeup mistakes that can make you look older

Looking young and fresh is something we all prefer but sometimes you can achieve the opposte if you make the wrong choices when it comes to makeup. It’s easy to make these mistakes if you’re not careful and usually this happens when you try too much.

One of the most common makeup mistakes women make is wearing too much bronzer. It’s understandable to want a flawless look but wearing bronzer across the whole face can make you look older.

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