Black nails – mysterious and very sexy

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Goth girls and rock stars wear black nails. Black is actually a very elegant and classic color and you can wear it on all sorts of occasions and with a variety of outfits. For example, simple, minimalistic black nails can be a chic accessory for a simple, black and white outfit. But if you really want your black nails to impress then you can try adding little touches of color.

For example, you can try creating simple and modern designs featuring a black base and bold-colored thin stripes, a different color on each nail. It’s a look that works great with more casual outfits. For a more glamorous look you can try mixing black with silver and gold accents. One possibility would be a variation on the French manicure where you only accentuate the tip of the nails with a thin silver line.

An ombre design can also look stunning. Then there’s also the possibility to create a reverse French manicure and to use contrasting colors, black being the main one.You can also try choosing one nail and making stand out from the rest. Create intricate designs with sparking shades or rhinestones. Mate black is also amazing and there are lots of great combinations you can create with it. You could combine glossy and mate black nail polishes into one sexy and elegant look.

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