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Pick Out The Perfect Handbag Or Purse For You: Helpful Tips

Before you buy a handbag, a purse, a backpack or anything similar, there are a few things you should consider. It’s not enough to like the color or the print. You also have to think of the functional part. First of all, decide on the size. If it’s a bag you’ll be taking to work then maybe it needs to be a little bigger than usual to fit things like documents.

Then think of the compartments it should have. Try to be organized. Choose a purse with pockets on the interior for things like your phone, keys and other things you need to find quickly without having to dig though everything for 5 minutes. Then think of the color. Do you want it to stand out and to be a bold accessory for your outfit or do you want it to be simple and to go unnoticed? If it’s a bag you wear to work, then colors like black or brown are more suitable.

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5 DIY Clutch Ideas For The Chic And Practical Woman You Are

I’ve never been a fan of clutches because I prefer to have my hands free but this doesn’t I don’t find them beautiful or stylish. A clutch can be the perfect accessory to a smart, elegant, chic or casual outfit and this makes it very versatile. Clutches are also fairy easy to make so here are 5 DIY designs you can try.

Let’s start with this colorblock leather clutch. You need to cut a few pieces of leather in the shapes shown here. The dimensions can vary according to your preferences. Sew the pieces together and add the lining. Turn it, topstitch around the outside and that’s all there is to it.{found on lovestitched}.

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Lady Gaga’s Surprisingly Classical Bag Collection

When you’re a celebrity you can’t just show up in public wearing non-designer clothes or accessories unless you do it on purpose to make a point after which you get back to your favorite designer for some more expensive creations. Of course, if you’re Lady Gaga you just have to impress or people will be disappointed. We’re all used to her unconventional choices in clothing, makeup and hairstyle but what do we really know about her accessories, such as her collection of handbags.

Well, if we start to analyze her a little, we’ll see that she makes some quite unexpected choices. For example, she’s been seen wearing simple and classical handbags from Versace or Chanel. Her handbag choices aren’t as weird and unusual as her clothing, her shoes or her makeup but then again, what could possibly look extravagant on a person like Lady Gaga?

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A Peak At Rihanna’s Handbag Choices

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Rihanna’s but she’s quite ok. Compared to other famous people, she seems to be more grounded and professional, plus she has a nice voice. But being a celebrity means much more than just being talented. People look up to you and see you as a model so any choice you make is important, even when you’re choosing a handbag. And speaking of handbags, have you noticed how diverse a celebrity’s collection is? Let’s take a look, for example, at Rihanna.

Rihanna teds to like small purses and handbags and she also has a thing for backpacks. She looks very comfortable, regardless what she’s wearing and she really seems to know what she’s doing when putting together an outfit. Well, she probably has help with that but it’s still all based on her preferences and style. What’s great about Rihanna is that she’s not bland. She mixes styles beautifully and she has a very large collection of handbags, or at least that’s the conclusion we came up with after following her public appearances for a while.

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A Diverse Collection Of Handbags From Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

Regardless of the style you prefer in clothing and accessories or of the fact that you’re more girly and more sporty, your wardrobe is just not complete without at least two or three handbags. Of course, the more the merrier. So where do you get your inspiration from when choosing a handbag? Italy is, for example, a great source as it usually offers all sorts of elegant designs. And just to show you we’re not just saying that to fool you, here are some of the most beautiful creations from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014.

Dolce & Gabbana.

Although not all the handbag designs are exactly original in this collection, they are still great. Some seem to have been inspired of other already existing models that had great success and seem to want to repeat that. It looks like a safer option than to experiment and to hope it will turn out great. Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 brings all sorts of wonderful handbags, the highlights being designs from Prada, Versace, Gucci, Armani and many others.

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5 Beautiful Bags For Stylish Photographers

The usual canvas bags in which cameras come are designed with functionality in mind but they have nothing to do with style. So, if you want both, you’ll have to look elsewhere. You can start by taking a look at these 5 stylish bags that were designed to hold the camera, lenses and other necessities while also allowing you to look good.

Let’s start with the Charlotte in metallic chevron by Epiphanie Bags. It would be perfect as a handbag but it just so happens that it’s a perfect camera bag as well. It has removable padded dividers so the transition is very easy.

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5 Classical Coach Bags That Will Get You Noticed

Coach handbags are a very chic and stylish combination of classical and trendy elegance. It’s difficult to combine these elements in a modern and yet timeless designs but it’s possible. We’ve found 5 such examples.

This chic Coach City Bag has first been created in 1987 and it has been stylish ever since. It has a classic saddle-bag design and it has plenty of room inside for all your necessities. You can find it in mahogany and light brown.

$278.00 at

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10 Chic Satchels For A Stylish Start In School

Although school is not the place to showcase your outfits and accessories, this doesn’t mean that everyone should dress ugly and without personality. There’s nothing wrong with being careful about the way you look. A stylish satchel can be a very nice accessory that combines style with functionality.

Clean and simple but without being boring, this satchel is ideal for school. It’s big enough to hold your papers and everything else and it has a bold color. It’s also somewhere between casual and formal so it goes will any type of outfit.

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