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One-room Apartment Featuring A Clever Combination Of Loft Bed And sofa

Living on the top floor of a building is not ideal for some people but it does have its advantages. The views are definitely much more beautiful from up there, especially if there’s a balcony to enjoy them from.

However in the case of this apartment, the balcony is not the most charming element. The interior of this place I extremely bright and open. This is due to the colors and textures used throughout. The floors have a light color, the walls are white and so is most of the furniture.

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Modern Outdoor Accessories For Gardens And Patios

When decorating a house/private residence, you have to pay attention to both the interior and the exterior of the property. Even though we spend most of our time indoors, the outside area is just as important because it completes the house and its design. Outdoor decorations and accessories can range from fountains to sculptures, to topiaries and so on. If you prefer something that has a big visual impact as well as beauty and elegance, then maybe you can find some inspiration in these accessories. They are suitable for modern homes and can be placed in gardens, yards or patios.

These outdoors sculptures and the wall art are complementary to the exterior living area. The sculptures resemble spheres and they are very simple, metallic and have a nice glow. The three spheres have three wall paintings to compliment them so there’s also a nice symmetry here.

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Amazing Views From A Thailand Beach Resort Hotel Redesigned By A-cero

The Iniala Beach House is a luxury hotel and resort located on the coat area of Natai Beach in Phuket, Thailand. The resort is surrounded by sandy beaches, blue water and exotic vegetation. A-cero designed the interior of a villa from this complex as well as the restaurant.

There are two rooms in two shell-shaped bungalows divided by a swimming pool. The interior designs are quite different. The first room features vertical lines while the second one is characterized by horizontal lines that wrap around the space. It’s like yin and yang: although very different, opposite even, they complement each other.

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Sculptural House On Stilts That Can Be Installed Anywhere

One of the most difficult things you have to do before actually getting to build your own house is finding a suitable terrain. Often, the area where you would like to relocate presents problems. But if those problems have to do with the uneven terrain or anything else related to the geometry of the site, there’s a very simple solution that Benoit Chandall found: a house on stilts.

This is the Roost House. It’s a very interesting and unusual house mostly because it sits high above the ground. The architect chose this design in order to come up with the most versatile house design. This is a house that can be installed anywhere, regardless of the terrain and the challenges it would normally present.

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