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Tiny But Trendy Open Space Apartment Featuring Exposed Brick Kitchen Walls

Size is not all that matters in an apartment. Sometimes a well-planned interior design can completely change the way you look at a space. This apartment, for example, is very sleek and trendy and it feels spacious and open. Still, it’s a tiny space. The key here is the well-planned décor. Let’s take a look at all the rooms.

The living room and the kitchen share same floor plan. The two areas are smoothly delimited and the transition is very smooth. The kitchen has an exposed brick wall which gives it character and which also looks quite nice in combination with the color palette and the textures used throughout the apartment.

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1950’s House Gets A Stylish Remodel And An Extension

This stunning contemporary residence is the result of a remodel, a project developed by Harrison Design Associates in collaboration with Allen Associates. The original house which was the starting point for the project was built in the 1950s. Recently it got a remodel and it became the modern residence you see now. The house also got an extension.

The new and improved design of the residence features a series of very beautiful details such as the pivot front door and the exquisite interior design.

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Bring Fresh Air To The Home – Indoor Landscaping Ideas

If you have a bit of nature indoors, there are some great ways to display it creatively. This can include the use of natural elements such as stones, or water features. Here are some fun ideas for indoor landscaping.

Plant a Tree in Your Home.

You don’t need outdoor space to enjoy nature. Plant a small shrub or tree in your lounge or entryway. Make sure that you have large windows or a skylight to bring in enough light for the greenery to thrive.

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Let Your Windows Revamp Your Home

Windows are important parts of a room – not only do they let the natural light in but they can also be a fashionable accessory. Here are some easy tips to boost your windows’ appearance.

Look Out!

Windows should be strategically placed in order to achieve more than simply letting in some light. Make sure that you have windows in spots where the view outside is most beautiful. In this way, when you have the windows open or curtain-free, they will reveal something lovely to look at.

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Croatian Contemporary Dream Home Overlooking The Water And The City

Nestled on the slopes of the Ploče quarter I Dubrovnik, Croatia, House U is what most people would consider a dream home. It was built on a steep plot overlooking the water and it was designed and built by the architects of 3LHD. The house sits at the top of the site and it has a garden below. The plot has an irregular shape so the house itself is rather unusually-shaped as well.

House U is a family residence and it’s composed of two structures. One is a two-story volume built for the parents and there’s another volume for the children. This particular one contains two apartment. In total, the residence has three units. The exterior is covered in white stone which comes from a local quarry and glass panels let it natural light and also allow the inhabitants to admire the beautiful views. The two volumes are connected by a pergola.

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Create an Urban Oasis

Establishing your home as a sanctuary doesn’t mean it has to be located outside of the city. Here are some ways to make your home more inviting and refreshing.

Use Space for an Outside Area.

You don’t need a large amount of space in the backyard where you can relax and unwind, or even entertain guests. A simple table with chairs is all that’s needed. You can create a rustic effect by choosing wooden outdoor furniture, and adding a bit of greenery with plant life.

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Six Interesting Seating Areas

Forget your trusted sofa and kitchen counter barstools: here are some fun and easy seating areas you can establish in your home. A world of new seating options awaits, and the bonus is that they are also fashion-forward décor styles. Read on for some inspiration.

Get Benched.

Benches are an easy way to create various looks in your home décor, from a vintage café feel to something more rustic. Benches don’t have to make you think of re-used wood from the garage (although that can be stylish, too!) but they can be upholstered in stylish materials to create a more sophisticated or traditional look.

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Get a Haute Hallway

Sometimes they can be dark, bare and boring. Here are some easy ways to add uplifting design to your hallways so that they become haute couture of décor!

Books on Show.

The hallway can be filled nicely with bookshelves along it. This creates warmth and the books reflect a bit about your personality, too. Bookcases are especially a great idea if your hallway is quite spacious. They fill the gaps and prevent space from being wasted.

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