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18 Square Meter Cottage Near Moscow Serves As A Winter Refuge

Located near Moscow, Russia, this charming cottage has a total surface of only 18 square meters. It was designed by Russian archtiect Andrey Bugaev from ArtEcolor. The small cottage sits on a hill and it benefits from beautiful views of the surroundings and the landscape, especially in the winter.

Dubbed “The Ship”, the charming cottage was built for a family of four who enjoys staying here during the weekends in winter. It’s a tranquil and serene refuge and, although it’s very small, it has everything necessary for being comfortable and functional. When its owners arrive, the fireplace rises the temperature to a comfortable 20 degrees in half an hour. The Ship contains a bathroom with a shower cabin, a small kitchen, a children’s playground and plenty of storage space.

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Design Inspiration For A Self-Build Bungalow

If you have found the perfect plot for a self-build project don’t rush into a conventional house design. Bungalows, as opposed to regular two floor buildings, have a lot to offer, too. If you have a good sized plot, a single storey building can spread out a little more without you having to compromise on living space.

In many locations bungalows simply suit the environment better. Bungalows are also often preferred by some home buyers so they can often punch a little above their weight in terms of their resale value. A well designed bungalow should work aesthetically and as a practical living space. Check out some classic one floor designs before embarking on your own project.

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Explore The Wonders On The Marine World Aboard The Lover’s Deep Submarine

Have you every been curious how it would be to actually go underwater and to explore this amazing and secret world? We’re not talking about a submarine but about something even more amazing. Now you can actually board a ship that will take you deep down and show you all the marvelous things there. We’re talking about the “Lover’s Deep”, a luxury submarine which can be rented from the Caribbean.

Of course, such an incredible trip will cost you. The submarine can be reserved for $175.000 per night and reservations can be made for two-at-a-time.

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Kitchen Interior Design Ideas Featuring A Built-In Refrigerator

The fridge is the most important appliance in the kitchen. It’s the first one you buy when you move into an empty house. However, a refrigerator can often look lonely and out of place in the kitchen. It’s why sometimes we choose to incorporate it into the interior design by choosing built-in structures. A built-in refrigerator will seem like a natural part of the kitchen’s décor and it will also integrate more easily.

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How to Decorate for Holidays Without Cluttering Your Home

One major holiday season has now passed, but there are still plenty of holidays throughout the rest of the year that allow for home decorating opportunities. You can choose to decorate for lots of little holidays or just a few major ones. But you should always be careful not to clutter your space with all of these decorations and neglect your overall design aesthetic. Here are a few tips to help you keep your space festive for holidays without turning it into a cluttered mess.

Choose a Clear Style.

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How To Use Sandstone For Patios And Terraces

Sometimes referred to as arenite, sandstone is a building material that is frequently used as a cladding for buildings, because of its soft tones and natural variation in color. Sandstone is so called because it is made up of rock grains that are approximately the same proportion of grains of sand. The sedimentary rock, when cut, reveals what look like contours of these grains. This can be a subtle variation in tone or a more dramatic marble-like effect. Whether the hewn sandstone is marbled or more uniform in color, using it as a material for a landscaping makes a lot of sense because it is quite easy to shape. Indeed, sandstone has been used as a building material since ancient times all over the globe.

Many sandstones have weather resistant properties, making them ideal for exposed places such as terraces and patios. Repurposing old sandstone slabs for a new use is perfectly possible. When constructing a patio with sandstone it can be beneficial to start work over a concrete base that has already been laid. Because you can shape sandstone with relative ease, slabs can be laid very close to one another. This can mean you are able to do away with the use of mortar, creating a visually pleasing and distinctive effect. However, such styling is probably best left to an expert rather than a DIY project.

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Completely Refurbished Mansion Flat In London

The Kensington Mansion project was completed in 2013 and it had as a goal the complete refurbishment of a flat located in London, England. It was a project by London-based interior designer Rene Dekker. The stylish flat now features a luxurious interior. The once old and outdated interior design has been completely altered.

The designer used a rich array of textures and finishes meant to bring sophistication and style into the space. Textured polished plaster has been applied to the walls and sumptuous finishes and accent details have been used throughout. The building was originally one large home and, at one point, it got divided into apartments.

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1908 Carriage House Transformed Into A Lovely Mini Home

What you see here is a beautiful rental house with modern features and an elegant interior. But before it came to look like this it was a poor old carriage house from 1908.

When San Francisco based architect Christi Azevedo and her partner bought the place, they initially thought it was a detached garage as it was named in the real estate listings. They had a real surprise when they found out what this really was.

But this didn’t change their plans for the house. They wanted to convert it into a rental and so they did. The house needed a lot of improvements. It had a rotten floor, no gutter and the water was just running through. The new owners managed to completely transform it. They insulated the house, repainted it and they converted it into a modern loft.

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