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Creative Storage Ideas For Your Jewelry

Storing all of your jewelry in one place such as, let’s say a drawer, is not very practical. They all get tangled up plus it become really difficult to find the thing you need. You waste time and you also damage your jewelry. The solution to this problem is simple: be organized and find a practical way to store your necklaces, bracelets and everything else.

You don’t have to spend money buying things. You can come up with your own storage system. Just use things you already have in your home. Repurposing and recycling is always a good idea. For example, you can use a cupcake stand to store your jewelry in categories and on different levels. You can also use different boxes or containers of different shapes and sizes.

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DIY Hand And Foot Dream Recipes

Making skincare products at home may sound like a scary thing at first but, once you give it a try, you’ll see how great it can be. You can experiment and come up with recipes and ideas. And just so you don’t mess up really bad and give up, we’ll show you a few recipes you can use.

Let’s start with a simple hand cream recipe. Put oil and wax in a bowl, microwave for 1-2 minutes and add essential oils. Microwave some water to make it warm and add it to the mixture. Pour the mixture into clean jars, cover it and let it sit overnight.{found on localkitchenblog}.

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Top 5 Last Minute Gifts You Can Make With Leather

Still haven’t found the right Christmas gifts for this year? Maybe there’s just nothing in the stores that suites your needs. So what can you do in this case? Well, you can try making something yourself. How about a leather bracelet? There are lots of designs you can try. Here are 5 of our favorites.

To make a leather bracelet that looks like this you’ll first have to buy a few supplies: cord, pinch crimps, jump rings and lobster clasp which you can find in craft or jewelry supply stores. Then make the bracelet using three cords which you braid. Attach the crimps and jump rings.{found on bubbyandbean}.

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Christmas gifts in a jar – thoughtful and practical

Have you ever thought of offering Christmas gifts in jars? It’s very practical and you can basically fill the jar with anything you want, from bath salts to cookies, cakes and pies. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the examples we’re prepared for you.

One idea could be to offer oatmeal cookies in a jar. Use oatmeal mix to make the cookies. In a bowl put together rolled oats, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda and salt, stir together. Separately, mix raising, coconut, chocolate chips and nuts. This will go on the top.{found on echoesoflaughter}.

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Top 5 Christmas Gifts You Can Make For Your Loved Ones

With Christmas just a few days away there’s not a lot of time to prepare everything. There are lots of gifts you have to get ready. More important than the value of the gift is the thought and the gesture so it would be very nice to make something yourself. It doesn’t have to be very complicated. We have 5 perfect ideas.

Let’s start with these pyramid stud hairpins. They’re quite lovely and they’re also easy to make. You need hair pins, felt, hot glue and studs. Fold the prongs inside, cut up two pieces of felt, thinner than the studs. Glue the prongs to one piece of felt and then sandwich the other one between the prongs of the hairpin. Glue the felt down and that’s all.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

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7 Inexpensive Homemade Cleaning Solutions

We all have to clean. But we don’t all have to spend entirely too much money on cleaning solutions that burn your eyes and your nose hairs. Instead, why not try making some of your own cleaning solutions, lessening the strain on your wallet and treating your home with the gentle touch of non-toxic and craft-friendly products. Today we’ve rounded up some great solutions for you to make, then try out around the house!

1. All-purpose cleaner.

Throw this together to have a “go-to” for almost any job. Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda into 2 liters of water. Squeeze some lemon juice in for a fresh scent too!

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7 Of Our Favorite DIY Accessories

We’ve showed you lots of interesting and beautiful DIY projects so far so we thought it was time to pick some of our favorites. We focused on accessories and we came up with 7 DIY projects that we want to share with you. They’re diverse and versatile so you can count on them for putting your outfit over the top.

Let’s start with a headband. To make it, you need ribbon, tulle, a glue gun and scissors. Start by cutting several leaf-shaped pieces from ribbon and tulle. Then glue them onto the back of the beaded embellishment. Make the headband from tulle and glue it onto the back of the headpiece. It would make a very nice bridal hair piece.{found on site}.

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How To Make A Miniature Garden In 6 Easy Steps

Miniature gardens are such lovely decorations for the porch, the house or for the garden and they can be designed in all sorts of interesting and cute ways. But how exactly do you make a miniature garden?

Well, first you gather the materials.

You need a large pot, compost, plants and Bonsai trees or anything else you want to use, artificial moss, gravel and the decorations you want to use. This miniature garden is themed after the birth of the royal baby but there are numerous other themes you can choose from.

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