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Six Delicious Ways To Make Cupcakes In A Jar

Mason jar deserts are a great way to bring something sweet and delicious with you at work or wherever you’re going. It’s clean, practical and cute at the same time and there tons of recipes you can try. Today we’ll reveal six recipes for tasty cupcakes in a jar.

Red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes

These cute little things are great for Valentine’s Day but also for any other occasion. I guess it all depends on how you decorate them. The recipe is quite simple. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, put cake flour, cocoa powder and salt. Separately, combine oil, sugar and an egg. Add vanilla and food coloring. Then start adding the flour mixture and buttermilk. Then add baking soda combined with a bit of vinegar. Put the mixture in 12 wells and bake them 20-24 minutes. Then make the cream cheese frosting and get ready to assemble the desserts. Slice the cupcakes horizontally and put a later into the bottom of the jar. Add a layer of cream cheese frosting, another cake layer and repeat until you fill the jar.{found on mybakingaddiction}.

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Delicious frozen foods that make great snacks

Whenever you feel the need for a snack or something sweet, don’t run to the vending machine. Try instead a frozen snack. There are lots of delicious frozen treats you can try. For example, have you tried frozen bananas? Just peel, them free them and then enjoy them. Another thing you can try are frozen chocolate bananas. Cut a banana in half and roll it in melted chocolate.

Frozen grapes are absolutely delicious and you definitely must try them. They’re also very healthy and you can keep them fresh and frozen for as long as you want. You should also try frozen watermelon wedges. Everyone knows that watermelon is not tasty at all if it’s not cold. So just imagine how tasty it would be frozen. Freeze watermelon wedges for parties and your guests will love them.

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Make chicken breast tasty – 5 recipes you should try

Chicken breast doesn’t have much flavor. In fact, it needs a lot of help if you want it to be tasty and to really become a part of a great meal. But there are lots og recipes meant to do exactly that and they make the chicken breast the star.

1. Asian Grilled chicken.

Ina bowl, mix together chicken broth, soy sauce, white vinegar, white sugar, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, sesame oil and grated ginger. Place the chicken in a zip top bag and pour marinade in it. Put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Grill the chicken over medium direct blast until juicy.{found on rachelcooks}.

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Top 9 Delicious Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

When some people hear the word “vegetarian” in front of a recipe they turn around and walk away. Despite what they might think, some vegetarian recipes are actually very delicious. In fact, we have some great ideas you can try the next time you’ll be making lasagna.

Asparagus Lasagna

Combine sun-dried tomatoes and basil in a food processor and then stir in half a cup of Parmesan. Saute some leeks, onion and garlic, add asparagus and cook for another 4 minutes. Mix with ricotta, salt and black pepper. Sprinkle some sun-dried tomato pesto onto a baking dish, put some lasagna sheets, half the mixture, mozzarella and then another layer. Top with some more sheets, pesto and Parmesan and bake.{found on marcussamuelsson}.

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Creative Mother’s Day cake ideas – thoughtful yet classic

A cake makes any occasion feel special. Of course, Mother’s Day doesn’t need anything else in order to be a special event but why not do something sweet for your mother? Offer her a cake and make it really special. We’re not talking about just any kind of cake where you can just put some whipped cream on top and call it finished. We’re talking about more creative designs.

Think of what your mother likes. If she likes flowers then you can easily come up with a great design for the cake. If she’s a fun and playful person then try a bold and colorful design. The whole idea is to make her feel special so the cake needs to look amazing. You can also try a more unconventional design but you probably won’t be able to make it yourself.

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5 Delicious Muffin Recipes We Like

Whenever you want a treat or something sweet to enjoy while relaxing, why not make some delicious muffins? Sure, you can buy some, but they’re better if you make them yourself. Also, this way you can try all sorts of new recipes. Here are 5 suggestions:

Dark chocolate and banana muffins.

This recipe is perfect for breakfast and you can prepare the muffins in advance. Mix together flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder. Separately, combine brown sugar and oats. Add yogurt, banana, canola oil and egg. Combine the two mixture and then add the dark chocolate.{found on ohmyveggies}.

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3 Delicious And Healthy Holiday Recipes You Should Try

One of the big problems with most holidays is that we tend to serve very heavy food and this is not great for our health. This is a problem which can be corrected by preparing instead healthy meals which are just as delicious as anything else you’re used to preparing. Here are three recipes you should definitely try:

1. Salmon cakes.

This is a simple dish for which you can use leftover salmon. Here’s how you prepare it: heat some oil in a large skillet, add onion and celery and stir for about 3 minutes. Then add parsley. Put the salmon ina bowl and use a fork to take it apart. Add egg and mustard, mix and add the onion mixture, breadcrumbs and pepper. Make patties and cook them.

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