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5 Chic Ways To Wear Stripes This Spring

Stripes always have been and always will be stylish so nothing changed there. What changes is the way you wear the stripes. Though the pattern is a classic, you can adapt it and make it suit any style you want. Here are 5 different ways in which you can wear stripes this spring and use them to showcase your personality.

A striped dress

what could be more feminine, simple and also quirky than a striped dress? You can’t go wrong with such an outfit. It’s a lovely option for pretty much any occasion. Wear it at the office, in the club, when going shopping, etc.

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The Signs That Tell You A Guy Likes You

Whether you’re available or not, you can’t control the way others see you, look at you and think about you. So if a guy likes you, there’s nothing you can do about it until you actually know this fact. And since we’re talking about this, how exactly can you tell when a guy likes you. It’s simple really. You just have to be able to read the signs.

He has a sincere smile

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The Chevron Pattern Featured On Playful Infinity Scarves

What better way to include the continuous chevron pattern in your wardrobe than with infinity scarves? It simply seems like a natural choice. But this classical pattern which has always been somewhat simple and traditional is a lot more versatile than you think. Even something as simple and basic as an infinity scarf offers numerous different ways in which this pattern can be used.

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