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10 Tips For Making Nail Polish Stay On Longer

Doing your manicure only to see it all ruined the next day is one of the most annoying things that could happen. The key to avoiding such situations is knowing how to prep your nails, how to apply the nail polish and how to take care of your nails afterwords.

First of all, remove any excess oil from your nails before you apply the base coat. Use nail polish remover or white vinegar and do this even if you’re not wearing any nail polish. The natural oil that coats your nails is the one causing the nail polish to chip away and to ruin your manicure.

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Lovely nail designs to try for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day everything has to be just right. There’s no room for little mistakes so plan everything in advance. If you look good you feel comfortable and confident and no detail is to small to take into consideration. Consider a Valentine’s Day themed design for your nails. Of course, hearts are the main source of inspiration but, of course, you can also opt for other ideas as well.

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White And Gold Nail Designs – A Simple But Powerful Combo

Everyone knows that if you add a little bit of gold and sparkle onto black nails the result will be an elegant and classy design. But what about white? It should be a similar combination. White is a neutral and pairs great with anything. So a white and gold nail design will look balanced and stylish. Compared to the black and gold combo, this version is a bit more casual.

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