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5 Movies That Will Awaken Your Travel Mood

Certain movies have themes that can be very inspiring and some of these movies can inspire you to travel. It’s natural for that to happen when you see such beautiful views and landscape. You want to be there so see everything with your own two eyes. Here are some of the movies that can have such an effect on you.

Lord of the Rings.

Lots of the Rings is a trilogy everyone is familiar with. It presents an amazing world of fantasy. However, you have to realize that some of the scenes were shot in actual existing places. If you want to experience such a world you can visit places like New Zeeland where the landscape is completely natural and untouched by humans.

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Beautiful And Luxurious Tantangan Villa in Bali, Indonesia

The whole idea of having your own private villa somewhere far away from home is to be able to relax and to have some place to go where you can forget about all the stress and problems. It would be like visiting a resort, the difference being that it’s all yours and you can design and use it however you want. In the case of Villa Tantangan, the possibilities are many.

This beautiful and luxurious property can be found in Bali, Indonesia, on Nyanyi Beach to be more exact. The advantage of living on a private and secluded beach is that you get to enjoy all the privacy you want. Nobody tells you what you can’t do or where to sit. Of course, privacy is just one of the many advantages this villa comes with.

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The modern Es Vive boutique hotel awaits you in Ibiza

Situated on the beautiful island of Ibiza, Es Vive is a boutique hotel with strong Art Deco influences. It’s modern and very bright and peaceful thanks to the color palette and the amazing views. Mostly white, the hotel also features splashes of blue that capture the beauty of the ocean and of the clear sky.

You can find this hotel by the Platja de Ses Figueretes. It’s known as the original rock and roll hotel although the art décor ambiance doesn’t really reflect its history. It’s one of Ibiza’s most famous and appreciated retreats and it has grown into a sophisticated and luxurious destination.

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The secluded Tembok resort on the volcanic black sand beach of Bali

Bali is definitely a luxurious destination so all the resorts here are just amazing. Let’s take as an example the Spa Village Resort Tembok. Bordered by the volcanic black sand beach, the resort can be found on the northeast coastline of Bali. It’s very peaceful and tranquil, a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge your batteries for a while before you get back to your usual routine.

The resort has a design inspired by the local culture, thus providing an authentic encounter for all the guests. It offers a total of 31 rooms, all featuring luxurious interiors. The guests can also spend time at the spa for a rejuvenating experience, massage therapies and treatments.

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5 Exotic Destinations For Romantic Couples

A truly happy couple is one that doesn’t need to work hard to maintain the harmony and the balance. But not everyone can be this lucky. This doesn’t mean we should all give up our pursuit of happiness. It just means we need to try a little harder. A perfect solution if you’re facing a difficult time can be to get away from everything for a few days and to visit a romantic destination. It’s a great idea for everyone else as well. Such a getaway can make wonders.
St. Martin/St Maarten in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is an amazing destination for couples and not only. It has numerous exotic destinations, including the St. Martin/St Maarten which is a beautiful secluded island and resort. The island is shared by the French and the Dutch hence the double name.

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