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Fall-Winter Wedding Dress Collection Revives Timeless Beauty

Every future bride dreams about her most special day and envisions herself walking down the aisle in the most amazing dress possible. So how does this dress look like for you? Perhaps this collection can better help you visualize. The Berta bridal fall/winter 2015 collection includes a variety of stunning designs, each of them unique in their own way.

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Naturally Beautiful Olive Branch Wedding Décor Ideas

Add an organic and fresh touch to your wedding with olive branches. They’re very versatile and can be used in numerous beautiful ways. You can even create a theme around them in which case you can start by decorating the wedding invitations with fresh olive branches or printed ones.

Other options include using these branches to decorate the chairs for the guests or using them as table centerpieces. You can make small bouquets and put them in stylish vases or simply spread them around the table.

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Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes That Bring Out Your Rustic Side

Sure, we all want our wedding cake to look perfect but the definition of perfect is not the same for everyone. Sometimes it’s not all about perfect, clean lines and neatly aligned tiers. For some, the perfect wedding cake is one that looks appetizing, like the ones you make at home and which look a bit messy but taste amazing. If that’s your preference, then you’d enjoy having rustic wedding cake.

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How To Decorate The Tables For A Boho Chic Wedding

Think of the bohemian style as being artistic, nonconformist and original but not lacking elegance or beauty. It’s an experimental style which doesn’t suit everyone but which can be exactly what you’re looking for if you have a personality that is best described by the adjectives we’ve just used. Evidently, the wedding décor should suit your style so let’s see how you can decorate the tables for a boho chic wedding.

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