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How To Decorate The Tables For A Boho Chic Wedding

Think of the bohemian style as being artistic, nonconformist and original but not lacking elegance or beauty. It’s an experimental style which doesn’t suit everyone but which can be exactly what you’re looking for if you have a personality that is best described by the adjectives we’ve just used. Evidently, the wedding décor should suit your style so let’s see how you can decorate the tables for a boho chic wedding.

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Making Winter Weddings Cozy With Knitted Accessories

Winter weddings can be really dreamy, especially if there’s a lot of snow. But the low temperatures and the fact that it’s….well…winter, means things are not as cozy as they would be in other circumstances. Or are they? Knitted accessories create instant coziness and they’re your best friend so let’s see how they can be of use when planning a winter wedding.

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