Feminine Wrist Tattoos That Bring Out Your Personality

It’s easy for a tattoo to look bad, vulgar or inappropriate. Which is why the location is important. Wrist tattoos are quite interesting. They can be both subtle and bold, depending on the design you choose and they look very feminine. So what would you tattoo on your wrist if you had the opportunity?

Tattoos are symbolic and they reflect your personality so choose them carefully. The options are basically endless. You can choose to tattoo an important word that inspires you or a small image of something you love such as your favorite animal, a beautiful flower, a map of a place you love or you traveled to, etc.

A wrist tattoo can also be symbolic in a different way. It can symbolize the link between two best friends in which they can match or complete each other. Other popular wrist tattoo options include tiny birds, arrows, stars, musical notes and dragonflies. And if you don’t want your wrist tattoo to stand out or to be too visible, use white ink. It will still be noticeable but less striking. After all, a tattoo is something personal so as long as you know it’s there nothing else matters.