Get Some Layered Haircut Inspiration From Your Favorite Celebrities

The layered haircut is probably the most common. Whether you have short hair or very long hair, a layered hairstyle will always look good on you. Another reason why it’s so popular is the fact that it can be a very versatile style and it’s also very easy to maintain. Having trouble deciding how to wear your layered hair? Take some inspiration from your favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence chose a layered hairstyle for her long hair and it suits her wonderfully, balancing out her facial features.

Carrie Underwood has also chosen a layered hairstyle but she complements it with her bangs that give her a more casual look.

Jennifer Aniston prefers to stay away from curls so she chose a more practical and lightweight look that gives her a very sexy vibe.

Ashley Green has very well defined layers just at the bottom third of the hair. This gives her a classical look that’s also very chic.

For supermodel Chanel Iman, this layered hairstyle was both a practical and stylish choice. She wears it with piece-y bangs.

Mila Kunis looks amazing with this layered look. It’s a hairstyle that beautifully complements her face shape and draws attention to her beautiful eyes.

Kate Walsh prefers a medium-length hair and she likes to wear subtle curls that complement her face and give her more volume.

Always sexy, Kate Moss pulls off a very simple look. She has this just-crawled-out-of-bed look that she maintains with her long layers and messy bangs.

Rihanna is like a chameleon. She changes her hairstyle quite often but there was a period when she preferred layers. Here she looks wonderful with her curly hair and beachy texture.

Kelly Osbourne always manages to be on trend. Here she has a shoulder-length cut with curled bangs and a very cute look.

Eva Longoria has a very well established look. She favors layers and she always has a fresh yet classical allure that makes her stand out every time.

If you have long hair, you can try copying Kelly Killoren Bensimon who features here signature lanky layers and a very romantic allure.

Emma Stone also seems to like the layered look but she prefers a more wild and dynamic side. Here, she has thick bangs and medium-cut layered hair.

Cameron Diaz has always preferred shorter hair. It’s a choice based on practicality mostly. She enjoys a layered hairstyle with soft waves.

Actress Malin Akerman has here a combination of medium layers and loose curls that give her a romantic and casual look.

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