Give your gloves a makeover-tips and ideas

A beautiful pair of gloves can be the perfect accessory for your outfit, especially when it’s cold outside. So don’t overlook this element. Since we know how difficult it can be to find a perfect pai of gloves in stores, we thought it would be a nice idea to show how you can give your old gloves a makeover and make them more attractive. There are lots of things you can do.

For example, a button can really change the design of your gloves. The same thing goes for other little details. It could be interesting to add a broach to your gloves. You can also use other types of jewelry, including rings, bracelets and watches. You can attach them to your gloves or wear them on top.

If you want your gloves to be more than just good-looking, you could make yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves to use when it’s freezing outside. You need a regular pair of gloves and some metallic thread. First put the glove on your hand and then make rows of stitches on each finger. It’s easy and fun and also a very nice idea for a gift.

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