Wild And Glamorous Hairstyles Inspired by Lisa Rinna

Being one of the most famous TV hostesses and actresses in the US, Lisa Rinna has made a lot of fans and not few of them are females that look up tp her as a role model when it comes to fashion and style. A crucial element in Lisa Rinna’s sexy look is her hairstyle. She adopts all sorts of sexy, wild and glamorous hairstyles, all designed to suit medium and short haircuts.

Although she only rarely adopted long haircuts, when that happened het choices usually included straight hair and soft, wavy curls. Her medium and short hairstyles are much more diverse. Even though you may be tempted to say she hasn’t made too many changes in her look, Lisa Rinna actually went through quite a few hairstyles.

For example, she has worn the choppy hairstyle, the messy and shaggy hairstyles and she even wore her hair curly or wavy quite a few times. Also, the pixie cut and the slicked back hairstyles were both worn with pride by Lisa. There’s no doubt that she made all these hairstyles look sexy and glamorous. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out and to make your short or medium haircut give you a boost in confidence, try some of these options.