How To Make Bows and How To Use Them Creatively

Bows are everywhere, whether you like it or not. You create bows when you tie your shoe laces, you put them in your hair, you decorate your gifts with them and even your shoes have them. But they never look the same. That’s because there are numerous types of bows and numerous ways in which you can create them.

The simplest way to make a cute little bow is by using a fork. Use this technique when wrapping gifts or to make cute bows to put in your hair. And if you need to make a bigger bow, craft your own utensil using a flat, rectangular sponge and two chopsticks or any other similar combination.

Make your own bow tie or make an entire collection, experimenting with different materials and colors. Make cute bows to decorate your outfits with or to use as accessories or make decorative bows for your throw pillows. There are all sorts of creative ways in which you can use bows to decorate everything from shoes, to shirts, lamps, front doors, etc. Plus, there’s a large array of colors, patterns, materials and prints to choose from.