Let the spirit of Christmas take over and try some lovely winter-inspired nail designs

Christmas is getting closer and closer and you feel this festive atmosphere everywhere you go. This gives you an urge to celebrate with the rest of the world but there are still a few days until you can do that so you’re trapped, you have to wait. But you can still get ready for the holidays by doing small things like painting your nails in a festive way.

It’s a great way of getting this enthusiasm out of your system and externalizing it at the same time. So what exactly can you do? Well, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s start with some cute ideas such as snowmen, cute Santas and gingerbread men painted on your nails. Then there are also the more classical options such as snowflakes. But you can easily transform even the simplest idea into something festive and something that completely represents you.

One idea is to use bold colors. However, make sure they go well with the theme. Use, for example, a combination of white and blue or colors such as green and red which are perfect for Christmas. If you prefer something more classy and less vibrant, try neutral shades or maybe metallic gold or silver. You can add a seasonal touch to the design with a few simple details. So choose the symbols you prefer and then figure out a way to make them your own. Use your imagination or try some of our suggestions.

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