Makeup Tips And Ideas For Blue Eyes

The color of your eyes can greatly influence your makeup technique and strategy. Blue eyes, for example, can make things a little more difficult because not all eyeshadow colors make them look great. My favorite eye makeup color for blue eyes is black because the contrast is amazing and dramatic.

The eyes are the most important feature of a person’s face so make them stand out for a memorable first impression. For those of you with blue eyes, there are lots of options, although not as many as for brown eyes for example. We’ve already mentioned black as a great accent color. The eyelashes are also very important so don’t neglect them.

There are also other great colors to try besides black. For example, a very chic option would be peach or coral. Use black eyeliner to make both colors pop. You could also use blue eyeshadow but it can be tricky, although it will emphasize the beautiful color of your eyes even more if you choose the right shade. Green can also be an interesting choice but use it more as an accent color. Remember the mascara no matter which color you choose if you really want your eyes to look perfect.

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