Ombre Hair Is Popular Again – 15 Beautiful Ideas

Ombre hair coloring used to be very popular a while back. But then it quickly became outdated and was perceived as a sign for the lack of elegance. In fact, ombre hair can be very stylish and this season it’s one of the hottest trends. What ombre actually means is gradually changing shades. In terms of hair style, this means that usually the roots stay dark while the rest of the hair becomes gradually lighter. But there are numerous variations.

The brown to blonde style is the most popular. It’s easy to maintain and the hair looks better as it grows. It’s easy to maintain this look because basically all you have to do is keep the hair natural and add a little bit of color on the ends. Because the roots remain natural, the hair is also healthy-looking. But let’s see which other variations can you choose from.

Well there’s the option of going from brown to red. This means your hair will be dark at the roots and will become red at the ends. But you can experiment with all sorts of other colors as well. In fact, you don’t even need to keep the roots natural-looking. You can opt for a completely different color and, for example, have blue hair with variations of this shade. If you have short hair then you can have different colors, darker in front and lighter at the back or however you like it.

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