11 Ombre Styles For Short Hair

Having short hair is a lot of fun. There are so many styling options the list is pretty much endless. One particularly attractive idea is that of ombre hair. Although the effect can be more dramatic on long hair, short hair has its own ways in which it can impress.

A classic or an asymmetrical bob can look really chic on two-toned hair. For example, the ends can be a bit lighter than the roots and the transition from one color to the another can be seamless if you choose an ombre style.

The most popular two colors are blonde and brown with all sorts of variations. The hair can go from dark to light or vice versa, although the first option is often considered more stylish and elegant.

Other colors and combinations can look really interesting on short hair. For example, try mixing brown and red or even some more vibrant shades such as unconventional blue or purple. Depending on the style you prefer, the haircut and your lifestyle, find the most appropriate options and explore them.

Ombre hair doesn’t have to look dramatic. It can also look subtle and classy. Curly hair is known for its casual look while the classic bob is really versatile and can impress in a lot of different circumstances.