Ordinary Rooms Transformed Into Playgrounds For Cats

Having a shelf or a cat tree in the house for your pet is one thing bu turning the a whole room into a playground for your furry friends is a completely different concept. I guess it all depends on personal preferences. It doesn’t really have anything to do with how much you care about you cat(s) but with how much you love the idea of making the cat(s) happy.

German company Goldtatze which translates as Gold Paw specializes in transforming ordinary rooms into playgrounds for cats. This is done by adding wooden bridges, hammocks, scratching posts and little dens for the cats to walk on, play on and hide out in. It’s an interesting idea, especially for apartment cats which are always stuck inside and don’t get to play outside, not that they would want to.

The overhead playground allows cats to have fun and adventures as well as to relax and sleep all day. Don’t imagine that the cats take over the room. It will still be a functional space and there’s plenty of space for your own furniture. The cat furniture, so to say, only occupies a portion of the room.

The company installs wall and ceiling fixtures and the cats get to climb the walls and walk on suspended bridges while you mind your own business below. So if you want to offer your cats something similar you know who to call.{found on hauspanther}.

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