5 DIY Earring Holder Designs You Can Try Right Now

Tired of having to dig through all the contents of your drawer or jewelry box to find the earrings you want to wear? The solution is simple. Make an earring holder. Sure, you could also buy one but sometimes it’s just easier to make things yourself. Plus, these projects can be done using things you may already have in your home.

Take an old photo frame and turn it into an earring organizer by attaching a durable metal screen to it. Secure it with small nails or glue and use the small holes to organize your earrings. You can paint the frame a fun color if you want.Available on etsy.

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10 Cute Hairstyles For Your Little Flower Girl

Flower girls are the cutest little things at a wedding, especially when you see them all dressed up with fluffy princess dresses and beautiful hairstyles. Speaking of which, the hairstyle usually completes the look and there are so many lovely options to choose from apart from the same old ponytail.

A ladder braid is an elegant option and not that difficult to execute even though it may seem that way. You just need a bit of dexterity and patience. Because it’s not your typical, classic braid, it looks simple but at the same time it looks special.{found on girlydohairstyles}.

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How To Pick Your Work Outfits This Summer

As the sun shines bright on the sky we find ourselves in a hurry to get rid of the dark, cozy outfits we wore all winter and even of the chic scarves we used as accessories all spring in favor of colorful, breezy summer outfits outfits. It’s time for a complete wardrobe change and this also includes the work outfits. So how can we dress at the office this summer and look both professional and comfortable?

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