Pink nails – you don’t have to be a Barbie girl to make them shine

A woman’s nails can be her best accessory. But there are so many colors and shapes to choose from that even the slightest mistake can be crucial. Pink is a cruel color. Usually associated with Barbie girls and teenagers, pink can be unforgiving but it can also be very delicate and beautiful. It all depends on how you wear your pink nails.

Depending on the shade you choose, pink nails can be either delicate and natural or very vibrant and bold. Lighter shades of pink work beautifully with casual outfits while vibrant pinks are best kept for girl’s nights out or for clubs. But a bold shade of pink can also be refreshing if the nails aren’t too long and if they don’t have a scary shape.

To make a color stand out you can also highlight it with all sorts of designs and models. For example, you can combine two or more shades of pink to create a modern and bold pattern. You can also use the combination of pink and white which can elevate this girly color to a more sophisticated level. For a refreshing, spring-like design you can also use colors like green and yellow.

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