What Quirky Hairstyles To Pick For The Office

Looking professional and feeling comfortable is a struggle, especially when you have to pick a hairstyle in the morning and nothing seems you enough. The trick is combining work with pleasure and making boring office hairstyles look chic and beautiful.

So how about a double ponytail where you tie the hair in two places or a loose bun with a few rebel strands to frame your face? You can be sexy and professional at the same time. You just have to find the styles that suit your, your hair and your work environment.

Numerous other options can be just as good as the ones we’ve just mentioned. For example, braids offer a wide range of possibilities. A fishtail braid is one of the most interesting and easy to get right. You can opt for a side braid, a braided bun or a boho-chic braid that pretty much looks like a headband.

Combine your favorite hairstyle with some loose curls, cute pins or colored bands and always add your own twist to anything you’re doing. After all, we’re all different and we should be proud of this. So instead of trying to look exactly like your favorite celebrity or coworker, inspire others to want to look like you.