Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Valentine’s Day is basically the most romantic holiday I can think of besides my wedding anniversary. But what if the two were to coincide? Then you’d have a really special and romantic event to celebrate. Having your wedding on Valentine’s Day provides you with a perfect opportunity to use lots of classical ideas into the décor.

You could have a heart-shaped cake and you can use the same symbol for lots of other symbol. It wouldn’t be kitschy, just very romantic and actually very cute. Also, red and pink can be the two main colors for the event. You can have red table centerpieces and you could choose to wear a pale pink wedding dress.

But don’t make it look like a Barbie wedding. It should remain romantic but also subtle, elegant and stylish. Make sure the shades you use work well together and are not overwhelming and try to also maintain some of the classic elements present. Try to find the balance between simple and romantic and to create a bohemian wedding décor without allowing to look commercial. It could be difficult to personalize such a wedding because of all the symbol and cliches which may interfere but nobody is forcing you to use all of them so make a selection.

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