Rounded Nail Designs – Chic Or Outdated?

Sure, square or stiletto nails can look pretty dramatic and bold and they’re perfect if you want to make a statement but round or oval nails can look chic and stylish too. Some consider them outdated but we prefer to think of this style as timeless. It will always be popular, no matter what.

Rounded nails may not be as bold as pointy nails but they come with other advantages. For example, they’re probably the most practical of all. The rounded tips are not easy to break and this makes round nails very durable and ideal for those that, for one reason or another, prefer something low-maintenance. They’re also great for those with weak nails that have trouble keeping them nice and perfect.

But the best thing about round nails is that they don’t need to be long to look beautiful and elegant. In fact, you can keep them short and they’ll still look great. You can make a statement with color or with a bold design. After all, size is not the only thing that matters.