Simple and Cute Wedding Table Number Ideas For Fall

At any wedding, there are a few things guests really pay attention to. One of them is the table décor. This means it has to be perfect. But how do you define perfect these days? Well, it’s no longer a synonym for matchy-matchy. Nowadays we tend to adopt more playful ideas. For example, let’s think of the details for the table décor.

The table numbers, for example, can be the element that reflects your personality. In the case of a fall wedding, you can choose from a variety of great options, pumpkins seem to be very popular these days. You can decorate them in numerous ways. You could carve the pumpkins and let the number shine when you put in candles. You can use stencils to draw or paint on the pumpkins or you can glue on the numbers. The pumpkin can also just be the base that holds up the table number.

But pumpkins aren’t the only great resource you can use. An interesting idea would be to have table numbers made of wood, either carved in a piece of wood or written on a slice of wood. Then there are also all the other fall symbols like the leaves in all the beautiful colors and, of course, fall flowers. You can use them in your arrangements or you can use them as inspiration for your own designs. So choose whatever idea or design you like and remember to sneak in a little piece of autumn even if it’s just symbolic.

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