How To Decorate The Tables For A Boho Chic Wedding

Think of the bohemian style as being artistic, nonconformist and original but not lacking elegance or beauty. It’s an experimental style which doesn’t suit everyone but which can be exactly what you’re looking for if you have a personality that is best described by the adjectives we’ve just used. Evidently, the wedding décor should suit your style so let’s see how you can decorate the tables for a boho chic wedding.

A lovely idea is to use candles to create a romantic vibe. You can display them in vintage candle holders and you can also consider using colored candles if you like the way they coordinate with the rest of the elements. Pillar candles tend to look a bit too modern and simple but they can still be integrated in the décor given the right conditions.

Flowers are a must. You can either pick a light, neutral color and keep the design simple or you can mix and match various types of flowers and colors. If you opt for the first idea, then try to play with textures, maybe use burlap table runners and bows to create a bohemian look.

In conclusion, focus on creating a casual and relaxing ambiance. Include vintage and rustic elements, keep the wooden tables bare, complement them with wooden benches and colorful pillows and let your artistic side come to life and take over.