Taylor Lautner Hairstyles – Meant To Woo The Girls And Inspire The Boys

Maybe you know Taylor Lautner from The Twilight Saga where he played Jacob Black but, even if you’re not a fan of the series, you should put aside your feelings for a moment and look at his hair because guy really knows how to look great.

Taylor Lautner’s hairstyles are quite diverse. He wore his hair long for a while but he also tried a bunch of medium and short haircuts which all looked stylish. All the hairstyles were simple and easy to replicate so it wouldn’t be that difficult for you to try some of them. For example, if you have medium-length hair, try a shaggy or spiky hairstyle. You can also wear your hair messy or get a bob haircut.

The ones for short hair are pretty simple too. You can try the textured hairstyle or the flattop or spiky faux-hawk hairstyles, all unpretentious yet chic and glamorous. It’s also why these hairstyles will suit men of different ages. You don’t have to be a teenager to look this handsome.

And let’s not omit the fact that the short hairstyles in particular are very versatile and perfect for both formal and informal occasions.