The Alberta Ferretti 2014 Forever Bridal Collection Inspired By Places Around The World

Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes wedding gowns have strange names like actual names of persons or names of cities. Why do you think that is? We can’t testify for any of the other colelctions, but in the case of the Alberta Ferretti 2014 Forever Bridal Collection we know for sure that each gown was inspired by a specific place on the globe.

The collection includes 12 dresses and they’ve all been inspired by places around the world: Alhambra, Balmoral, Buckingham, Hermitage, Rivoli, Schönbrunn, Stirling, Topkapi, Venaria, Versailles, and Windsor. Each dress features splendid and exquisite details and each one is unique. The dresses are perfect for the bride that wants to look like a princess on this special day but not in the cartoony kind of way but rather in an elegant and bohemian manner. Each dress has something special and, even though this means they’re different from one another, they all share in common a sophisticated and romantic look.

The gowns in this collection appear to have an almost fantasy-like feel. They stand out thanks to accessories like the headpieces, the trains and the exquisite cuts and, once you get the dress on, you never want to take it off. It just feels right, like it was made for you. The designer created these dresses with the image of the bride that dreams of her perfect wedding in mind. What’s nice is that this image is wonderful enough to satisfy both the casual bride and the more sophisticated one.

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