The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar Brings Coffee Trees In Melbourne

Melbourne offered its inhabitants and visitors an unusual surprise in 2013 when the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar was set in place by Hanssel. An unexpected landscape was created by bringing in coffee trees on the edge of a central business district. The Red Stairs, which is an amphitheater on the banks of River Yarra temporarily became an urban jungle. Around 120 coffee trees transformed this area.

The trees were accompanied by a series of shipping containers, timber pallets and packing crates. The goal here was to demonstrate the journey that coffee beans take from where they are grown until they reach the shops and finally the cups of those enjoying them.

A beautiful story was revealed and inspired coffee drinkers to come in touch with the history, origin and production process. This was also an opportunity to get in touch with nature. The whole project was designed for the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The visitors had the opportunity to learn more about coffee in general and to also enjoy a cup of delicious coffee brewed by the city’s best baristas. The trees used in the project came from a disused coffee plantation in New South Wales and they were later replanted in Victoria. Apart from the trees, over 2,000 tropical plants were also used to create the jungle effect. The plants were donated and they were then given back. The 1,500 pallets you see here were also donated for the festival.