Tips For Using Neon Nail Polish – 15 Ideas

Neon nail polish has greatly gained popularity recently. Nails have become our most important accessory. Neon nail polish is so appreciated becomes it makes us pop is a subtle yet strong manner. It’s also very versatile. You can wear it with a casual outfit or even to highlight a more elegant look. The variety of colors is complex. Personally, I really like the green and blue shades but others are just as beautiful.

One way of wearing neon nail polish is by having a different color on each nail. It’s a playful look and it goes with just about anything. There are also numerous other possibilities. For example, you could opt for a variation of the French manicure but with a neon shade such as pink, yellow, blue or even with more than other color. You can also choose a neutral base and a beautiful design to make it stand out. Geometrical designs are very popular these days but so are the timeless floral designs or polka dots.

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