Lovely nail designs to try for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day everything has to be just right. There’s no room for little mistakes so plan everything in advance. If you look good you feel comfortable and confident and no detail is to small to take into consideration. Consider a Valentine’s Day themed design for your nails. Of course, hearts are the main source of inspiration but, of course, you can also opt for other ideas as well.

And since we mentioned hearts, let’s see how you can incorporate them in your lovely nail art. The possibilities are numerous. You can opt for something classic by using red as the primary color. Combine it with white for a fresh contrast or with black for a look that’s a bit more sexy.

If you prefer something less cliche, try a different color palette. Pastels can look really cute and chic. Try a soft pink, lavender, orange or even grey. A lovely combination is grey and pastel pink. It’s suitable if you’re the cuddly, cute and childish type.

For a design that has a grown-up charm, try colors that are a bit more intimidating such as purple, gold, silver or even black. And don’t forget the decorations, they can range from simple hearths to cute comic characters, flowers, polka dots and geometric patterns. Anything can be romantic if you make it so.