Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

It’s a bride’s dream come true to have long, beautiful hair on her wedding day. But simply having long hair is not enough. You also need to know how to style it so that it actually looks beautiful and wonderful. There are many different types of hairstyles that can do just that. It’s up to you to choose the right one.

Obviously, there’s no point in having long hair if you’re not going to show it off on your big day. So instead of a classy updo try something else. Curls and waves are both extremely popular options. There’s something really romantic and bohemian about them which makes them perfect for this occasion.

Look for a hairstyle that complements your face. For example, perhaps you’d look cute with bangs but perhaps you’d look better if you expose your face instead of hiding it. If you have a wedding dress with a gorgeous back, then don’t let your long hair hide it. Try a side hairstyle that lets you show off your sexy back while also making your hair look stunning.

Braids are another great option and you can combine them with a large variety of hairstyles. Try a french braid and combine it with a side pony tail or come up with your own intricate design.