Wedding Mini Desserts – A Delicious Hot Trend

Whether you’re planning a highly sophisticated wedding or a more casual one, some things never change, things like the fact that a wedding needs great food and delicious mini desserts. Sure, you’ll have a cake at the end but your guests need to bite into something sweet before that to replenish their supply of energy and to continue having fun.

Mini desserts are wonderful for several reasons. The fact that they’re small and cute makes them appealing and practical. Also, their miniature size allows your guests to try multiple flavors. And even though we mentioned a cake, these cute individual deserts can actually replace the cake altogether.

So instead of one huge dessert you can have lots of tiny ones. Your guests can mix and match them and serve only how much they want. You can set up dessert stations where your guests can serve themselves. And there are tons of tasty options to choose from like cupcakes, macarons, mini tarts and all sorts of other things. You can mix and match flavors and make everyone happy without having to choose between chocolate and vanilla or fruits and flowers.