White And Gold Nail Designs – A Simple But Powerful Combo

Everyone knows that if you add a little bit of gold and sparkle onto black nails the result will be an elegant and classy design. But what about white? It should be a similar combination. White is a neutral and pairs great with anything. So a white and gold nail design will look balanced and stylish. Compared to the black and gold combo, this version is a bit more casual.

There are tons of ways in which you can use this combination when decorating your nails. You can try adding just a subtle golden accent to your french manicure or you can try a geometric design. Whether you also want to opt for the glittery nail polish or not is up to you.

The golden decorations and accents won’t stand out that much on a white background but they’re still be noticeable. It’s a great way to create some subtle, elegant and casual designs to complement your outfits and your look. After all, your nails are your best accessory so be creative and always find a way to impress.