How To Make The Woodland Romantic For Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re holding your wedding in the middle of the forest or at a restaurant or terrace in the city, it’s always charming to take some inspiration from nature. It’s especially interesting to design the centerpieces using the nature and the woodland as inspiration.

For example, instead of the usual colorful flowers, you can use tree branches, pine cones and others things you usually find in forests. Combine them in all sorts of beautiful ways to create charming centerpieces. Or try using slices of wood. They can become the base for your centerpieces. Display candles, flowers and everything else on them.

Or perhaps you’d like to turn a small log into a vase. You can hollow it out and put some water inside or simply use it as the base for your centerpiece and decorate it with fresh flowers and moss. And speaking of moss, it’s such a versatile element you can pretty much use it for everything.

You can have a forest-themed wedding or you can pick a completely different theme and infuse it with woodland-inspired elements. Like, for example, if you want to turn old books into centerpieces, you can cover them with moss and flowers.